Shop early at the Google store for the best price and selection
January 8, 2023
Google Black Friday Starts November 17th

You know how it is. There is a gift you really want but you are hoping to snag it at a discount. It is almost like winning the lottery but the reality is you risk the item selling out before you can purchase it. In an effort to sell more units manufacturers are offering their products at a discount early which is the case with the Google store.

Pixel Phone

Save $150 on the Pixel 7 Pro
Sale price $749
Save $100 on the Pixel 7
Sale price $499
Save $150 on the Pixel 6a
Sale price $299

I currently own a 128GB Pixel 6 and Google says it's worth $490. I could upgrade to the Pixel 7 Pro for $259 or the Pixel 7 for $9. For me, either the Pixel 7 or Pixel 7 Pro is on my list.

Chromecast TV

Save $10 on Chromecast with Google TV (HD or 4K)
Sale price $19.99

This one is a hard call. The device is worth every penny of the sale price but nearly every TV today includes some or all of the apps Google TV offers. However, everything Google does comes with a dusting of AI and it does an excellent job of learning your viewing habits and offering good suggestions.


Save $35 on the Pixel Buds A-Series
Sale price $64

For me, this would be a pass. I want premium sound from my listening devices and would be more interested in the Pro series.

Nest Devices

Save $50 on the Hub (2nd generation)
Sale price $49.99
Save $40 on the Nest Thermostat
Sale price $89.99
Save $60 on the Nest CAM (battery)
Sale price $119.99
Save $60 on the Nest Doorbell (battery)
Sale price $119.99

Although it's a great value, the Nest Hub has been on sale at this price for some time. Note this is not the Hub Max which is a larger 10 inch device which sells for $229 and is not discounted for Black Friday. The prices on the other items are also good but these are home improvement items and I would question if folks wait for a Christmas sale in order to make home improvement decisions. The other issue I would raise is the Nest CAM and Doorbell are the battery versions. Battery devices are easy to install but require recharging from time to time. I own the battery doorbell and I don’t find charging to be a big deal. But - in the scenario when you are away from home for an extended period of time, having a battery device may not be the best option for a security device.

Wish list items NOT on sale

New Google Watch
  • 6 months of fitbit premium
  • 3 months of YouTube music premium
New Pixel Buds Pro
Black Friday Google Store